Fitness is a journey, not a destination so you may as well surround yourself with a bunch of bloody legends that motivate you, push you, inspire you and make you smile so that you enjoy the ride. This programme is why we created the gym. Personalized coaching from our highly experienced and educated team in a small group environment.

Whether you’re a nervous newbie looking to learn the basics or an experienced lifter wanting a periodized programme backed by science to avoid plateaus and injuries we’ve got you covered. You’re not just another number in a big group doing a random workout with little to no coaching. You’re here to be part of the SAM Lab family, train in a small group, be coached through everything we do from the warm-up to the finisher and train progressively through our periodized programme. It’s not a one size fits all session, we modify exercises to suit, educate you on the why and ensure you’re pushing yourself safely and tracking what you lift to get stronger and more mobile.

If you follow the programme, track what you lift and push yourself you will look and feel amazing. Result come from doing not thinking so come check us out!

We meet everyone before starting and some people like to combine both of the above options into their package. We don’t do one size fits all programming or coaching so we work with you and decide which option is going to get you the results you want and more. If unsure this may be the option for you to get started with!

We also offer personal training from our studio.

Small group training isn’t for everyone and we get that. The world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same things. Our team are here to help you reach your goals through 1-1 coaching.

We also use this options for some newbies to get up to speed for our classes. If unsure we’ll let you try both out during your trial week.

If we feel like you need some 1-1 sessions to better prepare you for our small group training or you would prefer 1-1 over group training then you jump on our 3xPT Trial and work with one of our highly qualified coaches.

After this we can decide if you’re ready for groups or need some more 1-1 coaching before joining them, maybe you’ll prefer this option long term too. Who knows?

Amanda the newest addition to the team has Bsc Hons degree in Nutrition and is our in house Nutritionist, after your trial week you sit down with her 1-1 to discuss all things Nutrition. She runs weekly like Q+As for you to pick her brains and help you on your way to achieving your goals and more.

Dan who also coaches is our in house physiotherapist too. For more details just ask him or one of the crew

We are Irish owned and with such a big Irish community in Sydney our experienced coach Jonny who has a serious CV which includes Strength and Conditioning roles with Munster Rugby and Louth GAA runs our sport specific GAA strength and conditioning programme.