We are passionate about inspiring and motivating people to make better lifestyle choices through training smarter and eating better for sustainable results.

We don’t do fads or quick fixes but we do quick wins and build momentum early. We believe that physical health and mental well-being can be improved through strength and movement.

We’ve seen this first hand not just from the hundreds of clients we’ve helped but also from our own personal experiences.

We understand that everyone is at a different stage and has different goals but we pride ourselves on delivering the results our clients want whilst also giving them what they didn’t know they needed and educating them along the way.

We get it that gyms can be an intimidating place but we have created an awesome space with an amazing community since opening in April 2018 and we’d love you to come check us out and see what we are about.

If you’re looking to get stronger, build muscle, improve mobility,reduce bodyfat whether it’s to perform better at your sport, make the quality of life in your later years better, feel more confident in your body, look better, feel better, alleviate pain or prevent injuries we can help. Move, lift, live.


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Client Testimonials

Linda Hansen

I joined SAM Lab in September 2019 after seeing Facebook ads calling for over 50s to join the team. I had been out of action for a while and wasn't sure how I would fit in with a bunch of fit, strong youngsters. My fears were quickly allayed meeting Chris and Jonny and the team - they were obviously committed to supporting me as an individual with my individual needs and quirks and I felt at home immediately. Everybody supports everybody else. Sensible, achievable, non-judgemental plans and goals are set and supported. Your goal could be one chin up. Good on you - let's get it done and while we're at it let's have you push yourself a little bit more - move a little bit more every week. There are nutrition workshops, physio workshops and support - it's a truly holistic and balanced approach. I can honestly say this is the best gym experience I've ever had. It's super professional but friendly and welcoming of all ages and fitness levels. If you've been thinking about getting back into and your a bit older - this is the place for you.


I fell out of love with training for sometime trying a range of different offerings; including the likes of crossfit, F45 and the mainstream gyms on offer and nothing seemed to stick. I'd felt like i had hit a wall. Through a friend, i'd heard about Chris and the SamLab team offering a boutique strength and movement coaching facility. She seemed to love it and got some amazing physical results, so i decided to check it out for myself.
Its been a year now and i don't look back!! The SamLab team are more than a training facility, you genuinely feel like you're part of a family of like minded people. We encourage and inspire one another and Chris is one of the safest coaches/PTs I've worked with. You genuinely feel like you're in good hands. He pushes you when he knows you have the ability and focuses on mobility over heavy lifting evertime! This paired with a friendly environment, reignited a dormant passion for exercise and strength training I once had. In the 12months I've kicked major goals, such as 5x chin ups (I couldn't do 1), 62kg bench press, 110kg squat to name a few. In my opinion you can't put a price on your health and i find the cost to be well worth it!!! I encourage and look forward to anyone looking to join the team at SamLab! Longtime member, Fiona. O


I joined SAM LAB in January as I wanted to kick start the year and get back into a routine with training. From the get go, I was extremely impressed with the depth of knowledge Chris and the team have, and the real warmth and welcome towards everyone. My initial 1 on 1 with Jonny was excellent - he did a thorough assessment to understand where I was at, and how SAM LAB would help with setting goals going forward. What struck me, is they really want to help you succeed and reach your goals, you’re not just a ‘client’. This is one of the main reasons that keeps me coming back and wanting to train more. The results I have seen are fantastic. My strength and mobility have improved greatly along with my wellbeing and my all-round mental health has improved greatly too. If you’re looking for fun and a welcoming space to get back into training, I highly recommend joining!